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12 Hour Smallmouth Bass Online

September 29, 2018


Entry fee is $30.

$20 of the entry fee will go directly back to the anglers as prize money, $5 of the entry fee will pay for Tourney X, and the remaining $5 will pay for trophy's and prizes throughout the year.  

You can sign up and pay HERE

Sign up deadline will be 6AM on September 29th.


Start-End Time

This is an online tournament with no in-person check-in or measure-in.  The tournament runs from 7:30AM to 7:30PM (12 hours).  All pictures should be submitted to Tourney X prior to 7:30PM.



You can get your identifier HERE


Submitting Fish

Anglers are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to submit fish on Tourney X as soon as possible. 



Rules that govern online events can be found HERE


Event Specific Rules

*This tournament is SMALLMOUTH ONLY and is a 3 fish limit.


*Anyone can participate in the 12 Hour Online, but in order to receive winnings, you must attend at least one in-person event. 

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