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Tour Series Event #2

East/West Harbors

May 1, 2021



Register and pay $36 for the 2021 Tour Series : East/West Harbor event at:

$36 entry fee is broken down by the following:

  • $20 Top placing anglers

  • $5 - Big Fish entry

  • $5 - Tourney X fee

  • $5 - 50/50 raffle

  • $1 - AOY prize package at end of year



Identifiers can be printed off HERE. The code for the identifier will be released by 9PM on Friday, April 30th on Facebook & Tourney X. 

An identifier with no code, the wrong code, or codes in the wrong boxes will not be accepted.  If participating in multiple tournaments you can combine codes on a single identifier, but they must be correct and they must be in the appropriate box.

Another option for an Identifier (that is not mandatory) is a reusable option made out of durable aluminum by Blue Fox Gifts.  MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE BUCKEYE KAYAK FISHING TRAIL IDENTIFIER.


Payouts & Prizes

  • ~10% of the field will be awarded payouts. 

  • Big Fish will receiving a payout calculated by 5 times the number of paid anglers.  They will also receive a $25 credit to 'The 153 Baits' online store.

  • Along with payouts the following places will receive:

    • 1st Place - Trophy & Invitation to THE CLASSIC (upon qualification).

    • 2nd Place - Trophy 

    • 3rd Place - Trophy

    • Big Fish - Trophy

  Payouts take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to process.

FISHERMAN CENTRAL will also be supplying gift cards for the prize pool for this event!

  • Prizes are raffled off to the anglers who didn't win cash payouts for 1st, 2nd, or big fish.


Trail Points

Trail points awarded for this event will be different than other Tour Series Events.  We are still awarding 25 points for 1st place, 24 for 2nd, 23 for 3rd.....all the way down to 1 point for 25th place.  The difference for this event is that only points from your best finish from either this event, the July 24th KBF event or the July 25th KBF event will count.  If you only attend one event that score will count.  If you attend two of the three the best score will count.

After hearing feedback that some anglers didn't want to pay the higher KBF registration fee we thought this would be a happy medium.  There were two factors that led us to awarding points for the July KBF events:

1. A large amount of BKFT anglers participate in the KBF July event, Trail Series, Online Challenges, etc.

2. To give exposure to the talented BKFT anglers on a regional/national stage.

This is why we are holding two events at the great fishery of East/West Harbor where only the best finish counts towards trail points.  We also expect a larger than normal turnout for this event because people will want to pre-fish for the July event.  All in all it should be a great time at all events!

Trail Points are awarded throughout the entire season after every event.  Total points are tallied all year long and the TOP 20 are awarded an invite to the coveted CLASSIC!

The point leader after the CLASSIC is awarded the Tour Series Angler of the Year!  (Additional details here)

The following points are awarded to the top spots for this event:

1st Place - 25 points

2nd Place - 24 points

3rd Place - 23 points

4th Place - 22 points



(all the way down to...)



23rd Place - 3 points

24th Place - 2 points

25th Place - 1 point

To follow your progress follow the TOUR SERIES STANDINGS all year long!



​East Harbor State Park

Any Ohio regulations that are in place regarding COVID-19 must be followed and everyone should take the necessary precautions.

Camping during an event is a great opportunity to meet & greet fellow kayak anglers of all skill levels and talk about our mutual love of kayak fishing.  

Be sure to join the Buckeye Nation Kayak Anglers group on Facebook to see what anglers are planning for each event.  

Event Rules

Standard rules for this event can be found HERE

Remember, new for 2021, acceptable measuring boards are the aluminum Ketch Products Measuring Board, the Ketch Karbonate and the Ketch X measuring board.  The Hawg Trough and Fish Stix boards are no longer an acceptable measuring board.

Additional Rules for this tournament...

  • This tournament is black bass only (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted).

  • This tournament is a 5 fish tournament.

  • This event has no pre tournament captain's meeting and anglers can go directly to eligible water

  • Anglers can launch at 5:30AM while following appropriate Ohio boating regulations (360 light, etc) and first cast is not until 6:30AM.

  • Per KBF Rules: Competitors may launch from any public-access shore directly onto Eligible Water. 

  • We have also included additional areas to launch to help alleviate traffic The locations include:

It is the anglers responsibility to research/scout these locations.  Some may have limited parking or fee's associated with them.  These additional launch locations are made available so anglers are not jammed into only 4 public ramps and alongside potential bass boat tournaments. 
Please be respectful of other anglers at the ramp!​​


Eligible Water

  • ​The green highlighted areas of East and West Harbor on the maps below are eligible.

  • West Harbor also has several channels off of the main area.  Those areas are also eligible as long as:

1. You can paddle/peddle/troll to them (ie: no going over land)

2. They are not posted as private or no fishing.



Format & Schedule

6:30 AM - First cast; Anglers may begin fishing.  Any fish caught prior to this time will be DQ'd.

3:00 PM  - Fishing ends and no submissions will be accepted.


4PM Measure-in located at:


4070 East Harbor Rd.
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
Toll Free: (888) 599-9811
Local: (419) 573-6650

Trophies, prizes and the 50/50 drawing will take place at 4PM in the Fisherman Central parking lot.  While the measure-in is not mandatory, anglers must be present to receive trophies & prizes.  We will not be keeping prizes or trophies and redistributing them at a later date.

Keep in mind that all anglers should follow the state mandated COVID-19 protocols.

The Buckeye  Kayak Fishing Trail is presented by:

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