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Dayton Kayak Fishing Experience

at Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience

October 1, 2014

presented by:


$20 entry fee with optional $5 big fish entry.

100% of the money is paid out to the participating anglers.

Sign up the morning of the event at time/location specified below.


Start Time/Location

Registration is between 6:30AM and 7AM the morning of the event (Oct 1st).  Anglers who arrive at 6:30AM will have the opportunity to leave prior to those who show up, at say, 7AM.

To register go to the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail tent located inside the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience.   If you happen to be one of the first people driving into the park you may need to remind security that you are there to sign up for the kayak fishing tournament.  Once parked, walk to the BKFT tent located near the Whitewater Warehouse tents.  It will be easy to find since there will be very few (if any) people other than BKFT'ers and security at the festival that early in the day.


End Time/Location

Anglers are required to be back at the BKFT tent where morning registration was held no later than 4PM.  Be sure to allow for an additional 30 minutes after arriving at the festival to find parking and walk to the measure-in.  There will be several cars and people to navigate that were not there in the morning.  DON'T BE LATE...a 1" penalty from your total length for every minute late will be strictly enforced.

There will be security walking the grounds, but be sure to lock up any tackle, rods, gear, etc that is laying out.


Eligible Fishing Waters

See Information listed below



Rules that govern all Trail events can be found HERE



Over $300 worth of prizes donated by Whitewater Warehouse will be raffled!  Prizes will be raffled off to all anglers who didn't win 1st place, 2nd place, or win big fish.  It is the goal of the Trail to give all participants who attend a shot at prizes and not just those who take the top spots, so be sure to attend the measure-in even if you had a tough day locating fish!

Additional Information

The festival has alot of cool things going on including a craft beer booth, food trucks, shows, etc.  It is always a good time socalizing with BKFT'ers and taking in the festival after the tournament!



There is FREE CAMPING at the Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience and is conveniently located within a few hundred yards from the BKFT tent where morning registration and afternoon measure-in takes place. 

Other lodging locations are liste HERE


Event History

There is rumor that the BKFT committee was going to rename this event.   The last few years have felt more like January/February weather than early October.  The Dayton Kayak Fishing Experience has seen rain, snow, and 20+ mph winds over the last 3 years making it very difficult for BKFT anglers to see the fishing potential. If weather cooperates and fishing is good it wouldn't be a stretch to see a 3 fish total of 57".....and by more than one angler.  In recent years no one has reached 57", but some have been just a few inches shy.


THERE WILL BE NO SHUTTLES PROVIDED: YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN SHUTTLE OR CONTACT THE APPROPRIATE LIVERY TO SET ONE UP! The maps listed below show several different canoe livery's that can help you with your shuttle.  Another option on finding a shuttle is to post to our Facebook page asking for help HERE


Eligible fishing waters

*This is a "River Only" event with designated areas:

*Great Miami River - MAP

  Twin Arches Reserve, Miami County Park District north of Troy (GM 108.8   on the map) downstream to SR 122 (GM 51.7 on the map)

*Little Miami River - MAP

  Jacoby Road Launch to Riversedge Canoe Rental located at 3928 US 42,     Waynesville, OH PH (937) 903-6468
*Stillwater River - MAP

  The entire river from State Route 718 (SW 27.0 on map) downstream

*Mad River - MAP

  Entire river South/downstream from SR 41 (MR 27.1 on map) 


Any creeks that feed into any of the rivers listed above are also fair game as long as you paddle upstream into the creek from one of the rivers listed below.


***There are lowhead dams throughout sections of the eligible fishing waters! Be sure to know what is on the section of water you are fishing. 


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