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2019 YAK Ohio

March 1 - October 5 , 2019



$430 Cash + $600 minimum Sponsor Product to be raffled off to the top 3 of each Yak Ohio Place.

Sponsor Products Include:

Whitewater Warehouse items, Fireball Outdoors lures, Yak Attack products, HooRags, and more.


Raffle  and Award Ceremony to be held at the measure in of THE CLASSIC on October 19, 2019 at the Buckeye Lake Brewery in Columbus., Ohio. Raffle items will be kept for anglers who cannot make this event.  

Raffle Rules 

We will begin the raffle with the first-place anglers. Everyone will get one ticket for each first place they have. Raffle tickets will be drawn in order listed in the table below. At the end of the first place raffle if any ANGLER has not received a prize their tickets will be moved into the second place raffle. If an ANLGER wins a prize in the first round his or her remaining tickets will not carry over into the second round. The second place round will then begin, again drawing in order from the table one by one. At the end of the second place raffle all ANGLERS who have not won a prize will be added to the third place round. Again, if an ANGLER had multiple tickets and won a prize those tickets will not roll over to the final round. The third raffle will then proceed until all prizes are drawn. 


If there is an error, or your name doesn't match up from tourney x to our live standings please contact us on facebook and or immediately

YAK Ohio Total Length


2019 HERO Shots

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