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This is your formal invitation to the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail CLASSIC...

There were 322 unique anglers who participated in the Tour & Online Series in 2020. 

Endurance, skill, determination, dedication, and yes probably even a bit of luck along the way allowed 24 of those anglers to rise to the top.  You should feel a sense of pride in making the cut and in knowing you are one of the top 24 kayak anglers in Ohio for the 2020 season!

As past CLASSIC participants can tell you.... THE SEASON ISN'T OVER!  THE CLASSIC is a tournament win you can really hang your hat on.  Whether you were 1st on the list or 24th you now have the ability to say you smoked 23 of the best kayak anglers in the state of Ohio!  Not to mention there are still Classic points to be awarded to determine the coveted BKFT Angler of the Year.

The Tourney X Page has been setup for THE CLASSIC HERE.

Only the anglers who made the cut were sent the link to this page and are the only ones that are invited.

Please use the password: classic 

to join the tournament when signing up.

Additional CLASSIC information can be found HERE.

Remember, the lake choice (Kiser, Loramie, Indian, CJ Brown) will be made Saturday at 4PM and posted in the Facebook Messenger group that sent you this link.

Also be aware that several of the BKFT committee members will be camping Friday-Sunday at Kiser Lake this weekend and holding our 2021 Planning Meeting.  You are more than welcome to stop by and say hello, offer suggestions for 2021, and meet fellow anglers and the crew that keep this organization up and running.

Congratulations again on your invite and good luck on Sunday!


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