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Multi-Species Series Event #3
Channel Catfish Online

September 17-18, 2022


Register and pay $36 for the 2021 - BKFT Multi-Species Series: Multi-Blitz at:


$36 entry fee is broken down by the following:

  • $20 Top placing anglers

  • $5 - Tourney X fee

  • $5 - Annual Trail expenses, trophies, permits, etc.

  • $1 - AOY prize package at end of year

Registration is open until 4AM on September 17th.

Event Rules

  • The tournament runs from 4AM on September 17th until 11:59PM on September 18th.

  • Channel Catfish only.

  • The anal fin on the catfish MUST be visible (See pictures below)

  • 3 longest fish determines total length.

  • Anglers can use live bait for this tournament.

  • Anglers can use two rods for this event.

  • This event has no pre tournament captain's meeting and anglers can go directly to eligible water.

  • Per KBF Rules: Competitors may launch from any public-access shore directly onto Eligible Water.


Identifiers can be printed off HERE. The code for the identifier will be released by 9PM the night before the tournament on Facebook & Tourney X. 

An identifier with no code, the wrong code, or codes in the wrong boxes will not be accepted.  If participating in multiple tournaments you can combine codes on a single identifier, but they must be correct and they must be in the appropriate box.

Another option for an Identifier (that is not mandatory) is a reusable option made out of durable aluminum by Blue Fox Gifts.  MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE BUCKEYE KAYAK FISHING TRAIL IDENTIFIER.


Payouts & Prizes

  • Approximately the top 10% of the field will receive a payout.​


  • Trophies awarded (only if 15+ anglers register):

    • 1st Place

    • 2nd Place​

    • Big Fish​​​

Payouts take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to process.​

We try to make payouts as soon as possible but objections being filed, rule violations, and in-depth photo reviews can result in delays.

For individuals to whom BKFT pays out $600 or more during a calendar year, we will prepare an IRS Form 1099 and require information from the angler before the payment is made.


Feel free to email regarding the status of your payout.

Trail Points

To get information about winning the Multi-Series Angler of the Year visit our MULTI-SERIES PAGE.

The following points are awarded to the top spots for this event:

1st Place - 25 points

2nd Place - 24 points

3rd Place - 23 points

4th Place - 22 points



(all the way down to...)



23rd Place - 3 points

24th Place - 2 points

25th Place - 1 point

After every Multi-Series event the standings will be updated generally within a few days.

The picture above and below are acceptable photos of channel catfish.  The anal fin must be visible in the photo.

show_image (1).png

Eligible Water

  • Please refer to what defines eligible water at the bottom of the Rules page.

  • If you have a question about eligible water and a possible location don't hesitate to email

  • All laws, rules, and regulations must be followed while fishing the body of water.  For example, if a body of water allows fishing only during daylight hours then any fish caught outside of that period would not be eligible and cause for immediate disqualification. 

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