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Tour Series
Ohio B.A.S.S. Nation

April 15, 2023

The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail has exclusive rights within Ohio to award angler's entry into the B.A.S.S. Kayak Championship in 2024. 
Details of the 2024 tournament likely won't be released until late 2023, but historically it takes place a week prior to the Bassmaster Classic and within close proximity.

Past anglers that earned their spot not only participated in the Kayak Championship but also the festivities surrounding the Bassmaster Classic including weigh-ins, fan festivals, etc.

This is your shot to walk across the Bassmaster Classic stage and accept the trophy for the 2024 B.A.S.S. Kayak Championship!


*To earn entry into the 2024 B.A.S.S. Kayak Championship to represent the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail & Ohio BASS Nation anglers must follow these rules:

1. Compete in at least 2 of the 3 following events:

April 15 - Alum Creek Lake

July 22 - Mosquito Creek Lake

September 23 - Portage Lakes

2. Maintain a paid B.A.S.S. membership with a membership #.  Memberships will be required throughout the time you register for your first event up until the 2024 Kayak Championship.
To sign up, check membership status or find your membership # go
HERE. Memberships often include a magazine subscription and additional sign up bonuses.

3. Email your name & B.A.S.S. membership # to prior to your first event.

4. Each tournament awards points as follows: 1st place receives 25 points, 2nd place 24 points all the way down to 25th place 1 point.

5. Your two best scores will be added together to create your FINAL Score.

6. Anglers are encouraged to compete in all 3 events to improve your two best scores.

7. The Top 10% of anglers in the Final Standings who meet the criteria on this page will be awarded spots in the 2024 B.A.S.S. Kayak Championship.  Standings will be posted after every event on this page.

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