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Big Slab Crappie Challenge

Indian Lake

May 4th

Tourney Wrap-up


The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail kicked off the 2013 season at Indian Lake with the Big Slab Crappie Challenge on May 4th.
The weather was less than desirable with winds at 13 mph and gusts up to 25 mph with open sections of the lake covered in whitecaps.
Participating anglers were forced to fish the protected coves, channels, and pockets within blooming lily pads where they could find them. Even though the conditions were less than ideal 10 anglers were still able to capture their 3 fish limit. Ten of the crappie were 10" or more and the Big Fish pot was awarded to Chase Bateson of Zanesville, OH with a nice 14" Slab.
The event also awarded bonus Trail points for anyone who caught a 16"+ saugeye/walleye and Bob Rusinko of Ashland, OH met this challenge with his nice 17.5" saugeye.

Top 10 finishers:
1. Chase Bateson - Zanesville, OH (3 crappie, 37.5" total)
2. Travis Belcher - Heath, OH (3 crappie, 36.25")
3. Amanda Jones - Peebles, OH (3 crappie, 30.5")
4/5 (tie). Larry Haines - Galloway, OH (3 crappie, 30")
Sean Stone - Peebles, OH (3 crappie, 30")
6. Aarron Saldivar - Dayton, OH (3 crappie, 28.5")
7. Rylan Hayes - Peebles, OH (3 crappie, 27")
8/9 (tie). Neil Farley - Dayton, OH (3 crappie, 26.5")
Jeff Schrader - Huber Heights, OH (3 crappie, 26.5")
10. Jeremy Haycox - Delaware, OH (3 crappie, 26")

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7:30am at    Lakeside Pro Bass Shop


4:00pm at  ***Location will be announced at registration***
          (1 inch deducted every 1 minute late)​

*Hot dogs and chips will be provided by the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail committee at the measure-in​ (bring your own non-alcoholic beverages).

Eligible Fishing Waters

Indian Lake - Entire Lake - Lake Map & Information


$20.00 entry fee with optional $5.00 big fish entry

You can pay at the Check-in location the day of the event or

You can pre-register by clicking HERE

Additional Rules
*Crappie only event 
​*Both live and artificial bait can be used for this event.
​*CPR event (Catch, Photo, Release) : Submit photos of your 3
  largest crappie at the"Measure-in". 
​*Anglers who use personal phones as cameras must bring the
  appropriate cord to plug in to a USB port. SD cards must be
  cleared before the start of the tournament to save time at

​*Photo must CLEARLY show ALL of the following
  (no exceptions):
         *Length of fish
         *Kayak in photo
         *Tag given at check-in

Points Awarded
1st place                                          100
2nd place                                          90
3rd place                                           80
4th place                                           70
5th place                                           60
6th place                                           50
7th place                                           40
8th place                                           30
9th place                                           20
10th-final place                                10

Additional Points
Register & Attend Measure-in        10

​​Tourney Trail Bonus Points
If you catch a Saugeye 16" or above during this tournament
you will be awarded 40 bonus Trail Points and an additional 10 bonus Trail points if you turn in a photo of the angler in kayak holding fish.  These points are added to your total Tourney Trail points and DO NOT factor into this events final standings.   (Only one bonus fish counts)

*Anglers must adhere to ALL Ohio Fishing and Boating Regulations

*All photos submitted are property of the BKFT and may be used on future media.

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