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The winner of the Timber Lodging Big Bracket Brawl will receive a weekend getaway (two night stay for up to six guests, $725 value) at Timber Lodging. The cabin is on 16 acres located in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio near Nelsonville. There are a number of Lakes and streams to fish within 40 minutes of the cabin.

Details of the property,  including pictures can be found on our website (www.timberlodging.com) Reservations made by the winner are subject to availability and need to be made by December 31, 2020. The reservation needs to be used within 1 yr after the competition ends (September 30,2021)

A $300 refundable security deposit is required upon booking.

As some anglers recall we sent out a survey in 2019 and anglers have spoken.

Out of 10 categories anglers ranked both 'Competing against the best' and 'Being competitive regardless of finish' as 2 of the top 3 categories.  With that said, we at BKFT are putting in place the BIG BRACKET BRAWL. 

The tournament is an NCAA college basketball style tournament where anglers compete one on one.  This tournament is single elimination where the winner moves on and the loser goes home!

1.  You can register HERE.  

2. Participation is capped at 64 anglers and registration will close when the 64th angler signs up or at midnight on March 20, 2020; whichever occurs first.

3. Participating anglers will be grouped into one of four regions based on their location.  Grouping anglers into a region by location will help keep anglers closer to home in the first 2-3 matches.  

4.  Schedule

Round 1 (64 anglers): April 1- April 30, 2020

Round 2 (32 anglers): May 1 - May 31

Round 3 (Sweet 16): June 1 - June 30

Round 4 (Elite 8): July 1 - July 31

Final Four - August 1 - August 31

Finals - September 1 - September 30

5. The tournament will be held within Tourney X.    Total Standings within Tourney X are meaningless and each angler is only competing against the angler they are matched up against.  After each round is reviewed, judged and a winner is declared for each match-up the fish will be removed prior to the next round.

6. The entry cost is $30.00 =

$5 to Tourney X,

$5 to BKFT for prizes/trophies

$20 to payouts  

64 anglers guarantee:

1st place - $500.00 & Championship Belt

2nd place - $250.00 & Trophy

3rd-4th places (made Final 4 but lost) - $170.00 & Trophy

5th-8th places (Made Elite 8 but lost) - $45

7. This event DOES NOT count towards the required number of events anglers must participate in to be in the running for Tour Series Angler of the Year, Online Warrior, Multi-Species Champion, or Classic qualifications.


8. BONUS Trail Points are awarded for this event (based on 64 anglers):

If you are eliminated in the 1st round you receive 0 trail points.

If you are eliminated in the 2nd round you will receive 1 trail point.

If you are eliminated in the 3rd round (Sweet 16) you will receive 2 trail points.

If you are eliminated in the 4th round (Elite 8) you will receive 3 trail points.

If you are eliminated in the 5th round (Final Four) you will receive 4 trail points.

If you are eliminated in the 6th round (Finals) you will receive 5 trail points.

If you win the bracket you will receive 6 trail points.

These points are BONUS points and will be added to your Tour, Online, and Multi-Species Trail Points.

9. Anglers have the entire calendar month to finalize their match, but the match must be concluded no later than the last day of the month.  If extensions are needed the BKFT committee will decide if the request is justifiable, reasonable, and something that can be worked out so the tournament as a whole isn't delayed.

10. In each round the two anglers facing each other will be supplied with contact information for their opponent as well as a card listing parameters.


11. The two anglers facing one another can agree upon what parameters decide the winner!

12. Parameters include:

*Location (Anywhere as long as both anglers are able to agree)

*Species (Any listed within YAK Ohio)

*Fish Limit (1 Minimum-22 Maximum)

*Minimum Length (if any)

*Hours (Start and Stop times)

*Date within the month (see schedule for each round above)

13. If anglers can't agree on parameters the default parameters will be:

*Location: BKFT will choose one lake for each region that is centrally located within the region.  

*Species: Black Bass

*Limit: 3 Fish

*Minimum Length: 12"

*Hours: Official sunrise until 3PM

*Date: Last Saturday of the Month

14. If neither angler catches a fish both anglers go home and no one wins.  The opponent in the next round receives a BYE.  This encourages anglers to determine a winner by the end of the month.  If you both strikeout in the match-up on the first attempt anglers can agree to compete again within the time allotted for the scheduled round.

15.  This tournament is setup to allow anglers to have fun with it, but make no mistake, to also be competitive.

16. Some ideas for match-ups include:

*It can be an online match where both anglers don't have to be on the water at the same time.  For instance, maybe one can fish on a Tuesday and the other can only fish on a Saturday.  Both anglers agree that Sunrise to 3PM is their window and one fishes those hours on Saturday and the other on Tuesday.  The longest 3 black bass limit wins.

*Total inches of bass for the month (Tourney X has a 22 max fish limit)

*Longest Musky for the month

*Weekend long tournament

*Use a BKFT Tour Series, Online Series, or Multi-species Series event to decide your match (must end in the month of your match).

*The first round is in April, so you can decide that the winner in the first round is the angler who finishes best at the KBF National Championship (if you are both going).

*Choose a lake that allows you to hold your match while also pre-fishing for another BKFT event later in the year.

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