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Buckeye Blitz Online Tournament 

Friday, May 27nd at 6:00AM - Monday, May 30th at 9:00PM


Entry fee is $30.

$20 of the entry fee is paid back to the competing anglers and 100% of the remaining amount will be used to buy trophy's and prizes for trail stops throughout the year.

Sign up online HERE


Start-End Time

This is an online tournament with no check-in.  All fish for this tournament must be caught between 6:00AM on Friday, and Monday at 9:00PM.  The unique identifier for the online tournament will be posted on the website homepage, this page, Facebook, and Twitter no later than 6:00AM on Friday.



New for 2016: Pictures of your three biggest bass must be submited to the event page on Tourney X no later than Tuesday,  at 10:00AM. Any pictures submitted late WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A free account can be set up on Tourney X and from there, you can join the event. You may submit pictures daily but all pictures must be submitted before the deadline. No exceptions. 


Eligible Fishing Waters

Any Ohio waters



Rules that govern all Trail events can be found HERE


Event Specific Rules

*All can take part in the Buckeye Blitz but in order to receive winnings, you must attend at least one in-person event. 


*Cut off for sign ups is 6pm on Friday, May 27. 


*Unique identifiers will be required in all picture submissions.


​Once the identifier is posted print it off and then put it into a ziploc bag or another clear bag (must be easily seen in pictures).


*Identifiers can easily get wet, blow away, or go missing so be sure to take extra precaution.  Nothing is worse than getting an awesome catch DQ'd because the identifier wasn't in the picture.

Event History

The BKFT online events are very popular tournaments that allow anglers to fish on familiar waters, explore new waters, or meet up with other anglers and make an entire weekend fishing trip out of it.  Some popular locations that the participants like to hit are AEP, Lake Erie, and several of the ODNR lakes scattered across the state.  Since there is no way to monitor it, private lakes & ponds are permitted, but be prepared to take some friendly ribbing from fellow participants for fishing in grandma's stocked farm pond!

In the past there have been some massive public water totals posted that have placed in the top spots.  Plan on winning? History says get above a 3 fish total of 60"!!!

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