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Buckeye Open Online Tournament 

Friday, September 4th at 6:00AM - Monday, September 7th at 9:00PM

Presented by:


1st Place- Alex Roberts

3rd Place - Larry Haines

5th Place - Chris Hannegan

2nd Place - Aron Kimbler

4th Place - Brad Butin

6th Place - Travis Belcher


$20 entry fee.

100% of the money is paid out to the participating anglers. 

To register you can pay in person at 

Whitewater Warehouse or online HERE


Start-End Time

This is an online tournament with no check-in.  All fish for this tournament must be caught between 6:00AM on Friday, Sept. 4th and Monday, Sept. 7th at 9:00PM.  The unique identifier for the online tournament will be posted on the website homepage, this page, Facebook, and Twitter no later than 6:00AM on Friday, Sept. 4th.



All pictures must be submitted no later than Tuesday Sept. 8th at 10:00AM to:

Any pictures submitted late WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED 


Eligible Fishing Waters

Any Ohio waters



*This is a 4 total fish tournament.

*At MINIMUM 2 fish MUST be SMALLMOUTH BASS.  The other 2 fish may either be Largemouth OR Smallmouth Bass.

*The Smallie Stix Challenge is also running during this event and it is highly encouraged that BKFT participants also register in their Challenge that pits anglers from Ohio against anglers from 7 clubs in other states!  Be sure to register as a BKFT Team Member and you are eligible for custom Smallie Stix rods, tshirts, and cash on top of the cash you are competing for in the BKFT Buckeye Open Tournament!

Please Participate in the Smallie Stix tournment 



Rules that govern all Trail events can be found HERE


Event Specific Rules

*Unique identifiers will be required in all picture submissions.

​Once the identifier is posted print it off and then put it into a ziploc bag or another clear bag (must be easily seen in pictures).

*Identifiers can easily get wet, blow away, or go missing so be sure to take extra precaution.  Nothing is worse than getting an awesome catch DQ'd because the identifier wasn't in the picture.

Event History

The Labor Day tournament in 2013 had a massive cold and rain front push through the entire state of Ohio.  Anglers that were able to fish on the Friday before the storm pushed through were able to log some catches that would be tough to find later in the weekend.  The top 9 anglers for the Buckeye Open all exceeded a three fish total of 50".  In the end Brian Britton captured first place with an impressive 3 fish total of 58.75"!  Brian is hoisting his big bass of the weekend in the picture shown below...

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