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Buckeye Open

Online Event
August 30th-September 2nd

Tourney Wrap-up


The Buckeye Open started with perfect fishing conditions the first day of the tournament, but it was short lived as rain and thuderstorms started popping up all around Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Most anglers were dodging hard pouring rain and lightning while seeking water suitable for fishing most of the day Saturday and Sunday.  Monday gave way to better weather, but the  bite had slowed down quite a bit.

Overall, the top 10 anglers were able to top 50"!  We also had 5 Anglers place in the top 10 of the Kayak Anglers of Western Pennsylvania Rippin' Lips and Snappin' Pics online event (Brian Britton, Sean Stone, Jeff Bennett, Logan Estep, Neil Farley)  The event also saw Joel Hains catch a YAK Ohio Saugeye and Neil Farley catch a YAK Ohio Rock Bass.


To see all the catches and the photo gallery go HERE!


1.    Brian Britton       $140
2.    Sean Stone          $100
3.    Daniel Thomas     $75
4.    Jeff Bennett          $60
5.    Logan Estep         $40
6.    Jim Martin            $25
7.    Neil Farley            $25
8.    Eric Lander           $25
9.    Kurt Nordquest    $25
10.   Luke Buxton         $25

Sponsored By:​


*The Buckeye Open will not require anglers to attend one in person event to be eligible for payouts.

Event Type

Online Weekend Event with photo submissions

Start Date/Time

6:00 AM Friday, August 30th

End Date/Time

10:00 PM Monday, September 2nd

Eligible Fishing Waters

Any Ohio & Pennsylvania lake or river


*$20.00 entry fee

You can register in person at WhiteWater Warehouse (check their website for hours) or online at:

*****Click Here to Register!*****

Registration must be completed by 6:00 AM, Friday, August 30th!

Additional Rules

*Bass only event (Black, Smallmouth, Largemouth; no
  striped, hybrid, or white)

*Email photos of your 3 largest bass to

*Email must include:

   -First & Last Name

   -Mailing Address


*Photos must be submitted no later than 11:59PM on September 2nd.


*Photo must CLEARLY show ALL of the following (no exceptions):
         *Length of fish

         *Kayak in photo
         *Event Tag (Visit this webpage anytime after Thursday, August

           29th at 11:59 PM for the event tag.  Put tag in plastic ziploc bag            and display in ALL pictures submitted.)

        *Fish can have open mouth and pinched tail

         *The mouth must clearly be shown touching the zero mark on                 the measuring board.  Nothing in the picture should be

                covering the lip touching the zero mark including your hand,                 lip grips, event tag, etc.  If the lip is not clearly shown                           touching the zero mark or the tail is not clearly shown in                     the photo the measurement may be deducted and                               possibly disqualified.


Points Awarded

1st place                                          100
2nd place                                          90
3rd place                                           80
4th place                                           70
5th place                                           60
6th place                                           50
7th place                                           40
8th place                                           30
9th place                                           20
10th-final place                                10

Additional Points
Submit at least one eligible bass    10

Tourney Trail Bonus Points 

Anglers participating in the Buckeye Open can also receive Trail bonus points (points are only for trail standings not Buckeye Open standings) by:


1. Catching a fish that finishes the weekend within the top 3 of any YAK Ohio category (Ohio waters only). Your fish must finish in the top 3 AFTER the Buckeye Open is complete. Pictures must be taken with the event tag from the Buckeye Open and submitted at the Buckeye Open deadline. 30 bonus points for any fish finishing in the top 3 and 10 additional points if you take a "Hero Shot" (picture of the angler holding the fish while in kayak).

Top 3 fish must be caught Buckeye Open weekend (not already in top 3)....and there is a limit of one fish/40 bonus points




2. Any angler who has participated in at least 1 BKFT event (online or in person) prior to the Buckeye Open will receive 10 bonus points for also signing up for the Rippin' Lips & Snappin' Pics PA tournament and an additional 30 bonus points if they finish in the top 10 of that tournament!  You can sign up for that tournament HERE

and more information on their tournament can be found HERE

Be sure to read their rules as they are different than the Buckeye Open rules and will require an additional picture of each fish.



*Anglers must adhere to ALL Ohio Fishing and Boating Regulations​
​*All photos submitted are property of the BKFT and may be used on future


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