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THE CLASSIC - Buckeye Lake

October 19, 2019

Presented by:

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*Prizes from Strictly Sail as well as a few BKFT items to sweeten the pot!

*After the measure-in many anglers will be talking shop during happy hour at the Buckeye Lake Brewery and enjoying great food from the attached Chef Shack.


Every angler who qualified was added into a Facebook private group. 

If you are qualified but have not been invited to the group email


The $20 entry fee includes:

   *$5 Tourney X fee

   *$20 towards goes to 1st Place

Guaranteed Payout Schedule


(# of Anglers) x ($20) = 1st place payout

2nd Place = $0

3rd Place = $0


Rule Changes Specific to this Tournament Only

*This tournament is a 3 fish limit.

*This tournament is black bass only (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted)

Rules & Format

The other Rules and format for this event can be found HERE

Tournament Day & Identifier

Identifiers can be printed off HERE. The code for the identifier will be released at 9PM on October 18th on Facebook, Tourney X, and Twitter.  An identifier with no code, the wrong code, or codes in the wrong boxes will not be accepted.


7:00AM - Anglers can launch.

7:30AM - Anglers can begin fishing and have lines in the water.  Any fish caught prior to 7:30AM will be DQ'd.


12:00-3:30PM - At some point during this timeframe the Tourney X standings will disappear to add a little drama to the final standings.  Once they go dark you will still be able to submit fish.  If you want to verify your fish have been uploaded check the email address you signed up with for Tourney X or check your app.   The main reason a fish submission won't upload is because there is no cellular service where you are uploading.  Anglers need to be aware of that and head to a spot with service in enough time to upload. 

3:30PM - Fishing ends and no submissions will be accepted.


4:30PM - All anglers are required to be at the measure-in located at: 

Buckeye Lake Brewery

5176 Walnut Road

Buckeye Lake, OH 43008

If you do not attend the measure-in:

*You forfeit all rights to all the raffle prizes that are awarded.

*You are required to get word to the tournament director via another angler or through the Tourney X app.

Eligible Fishing Waters

Buckeye Lake - Lake Map & Information

The entire lake is eligible if it appears on the map in the link above.

Looking at Google maps there are some new channels, etc that have been added that are not updated on the ODNR link above.  IF YOU CAN ACCESS THEM FROM THE MAIN LAKE (without going over land) THEY ARE FAIR GAME; HOWEVER, YOU MUST REMAIN WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE MAP IN THE LINK ABOVE.  

Example: If there is a channel off the main lake you can fish it as long as it resides within the boundaries of the map above.  If the channel proceeds outside of the map listed above it is off limits. This is not a gray area.  If you are unsure read this a 2nd time.  If you are still unclear send an email to PRIOR to 5PM Friday, October 18th.

Remember, you can only use public access to put in and take out. Do not launch/take-out from Private Property as it will lead to disqualification.


Camping/Meet & Greet

Buckeye Lake/Columbus East KOA


The measure-in is also a good oppurtunity to meet & greet fellow kayak anglers of all skill levels and talk about our mutual love of kayak fishing.  

Be sure to join the Buckeye Nation Kayak Anglers group on Facebook to see what anglers are planning for each event. 


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