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Online Event Rules

The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail joined Kayak Bass Fishing as a partner club on June 20, 2016.  In doing so, we have officially moved to using the KBF rules for all events after June 20, 2016.  For a complete set of rules you can visit Kayak Bass Fishing HERE.  In the event of a dispute, protest, etc the BKFT committee brings the issue to vote.  In the event a BKFT committee member is involved with the issue they are not involved in the process.  To issue a protest send an email with as many details as possible along with your contact information to:

NOTE: Occasionally our events may have a rule change or additional rules outside of KBF.  In those instances the event website page will make a note of it. 

You can view each of the individual event pages by clicking on the series below:


Eligible Fishing Waters 


Any questions should be directed to


*At its most basic definition, eligible water is anything in Ohio that is accessible to everyone.  Accessible means it is legal, open to everyone, and 

does not require special permission that isn't available to everyone.

Eligible water includes anything owned by the government (park system, city, township, county, state, federal, ODNR) where fishing is permitted.  This also includes Ohio waterways designated as rivers or creeks.


*Privately owned water is eligible under certain circumstances.  It must be accessible by anyone without special permissions, deals, agreements, or backdoor handshakes from the owner.  Anyone should have access to fish the body of water. 


*Public and Private water that require permits are eligible if....

          >The permit can be obtained by all.

          >The permit can be obtained during the dates of the tournament. 

          >Documentation is shown online on how the permit can be obtained.

          >Examples of bodies of water that fall into this category include Lake 

            Katharine & AEP.

*All laws, rules, and regulations must be followed while fishing the body of water.  For example, if a body of water allows fishing only during daylight hours then any fish caught outside of that period would not be eligible and cause for immediate disqualification. 


*AEP is privately owned.  Everyone can obtain a permit by going to their website and printing one off.  AEP is eligible.

*The Wilds is privately owned.  It takes special permissions to fish their water.  Not everyone can obtain this permission.  The Wilds is not eligible

*Private lakes where you must be a property owner or a friend of a property owner, etc is not eligible because if you don't 'know somebody' you are not able to access them.  Examples of lakes that fall into this category include Lake Wynoka, Shawnee Lake, Lake Lakengren, Lake Lorelei, etc.



Club Specific Rules

​*First and foremost, all anglers agreeing to participate in the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail acknowledge that we are in no way liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur during angling or kayaking in the events. You are entering and fishing at your own risk.  Participants must follow all state, city, regional rules and regulations for both Fishing and Boating.

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