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Buckeye Open: Smallmouth Online

August 30-September 2, 2019


To sign up and pay for this event go HERE



The $30 entry fee includes:

   *$5 Tourney X fee

   *$5 goes towards trophies and prizes throughout the year

   *$20 goes to the top placing anglers

Guaranteed Minimum Payout Schedule & Prizes

You can see the full payout schedule HERE: STAY TUNED.


Identifiers can be printed off HERE. The code for the identifier will be released at 9PM on April 19th on Facebook, Tourney X, and Twitter.  An identifier with no code, the wrong code, or codes in the wrong boxes will not be accepted.  If participating in multiple tournaments you can combine codes on a single identifier, but they must be correct and they must be in the correct boxes.

Rules & Format

The other Rules and format for this event can be found HERE

Rules Changes Specific to this Tournament Only

*This tournament is 4 day online tournament that runs from 6AM on August 30th to 10PM on September 2nd.

*It is 5 fish tournament.

*Smallmouth Bass are the only fish allowed for this tournament.

*To be eligible for the Buckeye Blitz payouts you MUST ATTEND AT MINIMUM ONE IN PERSON EVENT at some point during 2019.  You will not receive a payout until you attend one event.

Eligible Fishing Waters 



*At its most basic definition, eligible water is anything in Ohio that is accessible to everyone.  Accessible means it is legal, open to everyone, and 

does not require special permission that isn't available to everyone.

Eligible water includes anything owned by the government (park system, city, township, county, state, federal, ODNR) where fishing is permitted.  This also includes Ohio waterways designated as rivers or creeks.


*Privately owned water is eligible under certain circumstances.  It must be accessible by anyone without special permissions, deals, agreements, or backdoor handshakes from the owner.  Anyone should have access to fish the body of water. 


*Public and Private water that require permits are eligible if....

          >The permit can be obtained by all.

          >The permit can be obtained between April 5-7. 

          >Documentation is shown online on how the permit can be obtained.

          >Examples of bodies of water that fall into this category include AEP.

*All laws, rules, and regulations must be followed while fishing the body of water.  For example, if a body of water allows fishing only during daylight hours then any fish caught outside of that period would not be eligible and cause for immediate disqualification. 


*AEP is privately owned.  Everyone can obtain a permit by going to their website and printing one off.  AEP is eligible.

*The Wilds is privately owned.  It takes special permissions to fish their water.  Not everyone can obtain this permission.  The Wilds is not eligible

*Private lakes where you must be a property owner or a friend of a property owner, etc is not eligible because if you don't 'know somebody' you are not able to access them.  Examples of lakes that fall into this category include Lake Wynoka, Shawnee Lake, Lake Lakengren, Lake Lorelei, etc.

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