Multi-Species Series Rules


First and foremost, all anglers agreeing to participate in the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail acknowledge that we are in no way liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur during angling or kayaking in the events. You are entering and fishing at your own risk.  Participants must follow all state, city, regional rules and regulations for both Fishing and Boating.

The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail is a Partner Club of Kayak Bass Fishing and our Multi-Species Series follows the KBF Rules Standards.  The set of rules is long and not without reason.  It is required EVERYONE read the complete rules page prior to the start of every season.  Upon entering an event it understood every participant has read the rules.

*BKFT reserves the right to add or exclude rules for specific events.  Those exceptions will be listed on the event pages for the specific tournament under the 'Rules' section.  There will likely be several changes to the rules listed on the event pages because KBF rules were written for Bass tournaments.

In the event of a dispute, protest, etc send an email with as many details as possible along with your contact information to:  Every issue will receive the full attention of the BKFT Leadership Committee.  If necessary a vote by the Committee will take place to determine an outcome.  If someone on the committee is involved with the dispute they will not have a vote.

Additionally, there are several reasons BKFT is a partner club with Kayak Bass Fishing and this partnership has been evaluated by the Leadership Committee every winter since 2016.  So far, every year it was decided that the partnership is in the best interest of both the Leadership Committee and more importantly our anglers.


The Buckeye  Kayak Fishing Trail is presented by: