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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do kayak anglers weigh in fish at tournaments?

A: Fish are not kept in a live well and weighed.  Instead the length is taken with an approved measuring board.  A picture of the fish on the measuring board is taken with a phone and submitted through an app.


Q:  Do I have to pay a membership fee to participate?

A: No, BKFT does not require a membership fee.  Instead there is a surcharge for every event you enter.  The surcharge goes towards BKFT expenses like trophies, permits, etc., etc.

Q: What is required to participate?

A: Beyond the obvious, such as a kayak and fishing gear, all anglers require:

     1. Life Vest (required to possess and wear during ALL events)

     2. Ketch measuring board (Aluminum, Karbonate, and Ketch X are all acceptable).  The 26" boards are widely used for bass.  If           you plan on participating in Multi-species Series events consider the longer boards.

     3. Smartphone - Catches are photographed with your phone and submitted through an app called Tourney X.

     4. Ohio fishing license - All Ohio fishing and boating rules/regulations must be followed.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: There will be an entire webpage dedicated to each event being held throughout the year (see schedule on our homepage).

On the event pages a link will be provided to register and pay on Tourney X.  Event pages are updated often and as more information is gathered, so check them up to the night before the event.

Q: What are the rules?

A: BKFT follows Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) rules.  The rules are required reading for participating anglers and a prerequisite prior to entering an event.  You can find the rules HERE.

Q: How does each event work?

A: Every event has a dedicated webpage with all the information for the event including start/end time, any exceptions to the KBF rules, eligible water, cost, payouts, camping options, and many other useful pieces of information.  These pages are updated frequently the closer the event gets, so check back often.

Q: How much do events cost?

A: Event cost varies and will be posted on each web page for the specific cost.  Most events are in the $40 range

Q: What is the format of the Trail?

A: The trail has 3 different Series: Tour, Online, & Multi-species.  Each series tracks performance throughout the year and crowns a champion.  The Online & Tour Series also awards invites to the last tournament of the year called THE CLASSIC.

Q: What is the Tour Series?

A: A Tour Series tournament is similar to most bass tournaments where anglers are fishing the same body of water(s) at the same time.  

Q: What is the Online Series?

A: An Online Series tournament takes place on public waters in Ohio.  The definition of 'public' can be found in the Rules.  Sometimes an Online Series event designates all public water in Ohio and other events name specific bodies of water around Ohio that are eligible.  Each webpage dedicated to the event will lay out the parameters.


Q: What is the Multi-Species Series?

A: A Multi-Species tournament can be similar to a Tour Series event where all anglers fish on the same body of water or it can be like an Online Series event where public water all across Ohio is eligible (or specific bodies of water across Ohio) are eligible.  Some tournaments focus on one specific species and other tournaments require anglers to catch multiple types of species.  Each event will have a webpage dedicated to the specific event and list the format, rules, etc.

The Buckeye  Kayak Fishing Trail is presented by:

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