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Bassin' for Bucks on Hoover Reservoir

April 14, 2018

View Final Results on Tourney X

Presented by:


Sweetwater Brewing Co. will be providing raffle prizes for this event!

Prizes will be raffled off to anglers who didn't win 1st place, 2nd place, or win big fish.  It is the goal of the Trail to encourage new anglers into the sport.  To accomplish this we structure the payouts and prizes so that new anglers or anglers who had a tough time on the water are eligible for raffle prizes while the top placing anglers are not eligible for raffle prizes but take home a pile of cash!

Camping/Meet & Greet

There is camping available at  Alum Creek State Park located at 

Alum Creek Camp Office

2911 S Old State Rd 

Delaware, OH 43015


The measure-in is also a good oppurtunity to meet & greet fellow kayak anglers of all skill levels and talk about our mutual love of kayak fishing.  


Be sure to join the Buckeye Nation Kayak Anglers group on Facebook to see what anglers are planning for each event. 


Cost & Registration

This event is one of two HIGH STAKES events in 2018 and will have a

$50 entry fee. (East/West Harbor will be the other HIGH STAKES event).


$5 of the entry fee pays for Tourney X, $5 goes into the Big Fish pot (angler with longest bass during this tournament will win the pot), and the remaining $40 will be paid out to the top placing anglers.

Register and pay here:  Tourney X

There are no annual fee's...just sign up on Tourney X and then follow the schedule for the day of the tournament below...



You can print off identifiers HERE.  The identifier code will be released on Facebook & Twitter the night before the tournament (between 8 and 10PM), and also at the morning captain's meeting. An identifier with no code written in will not be accepted.


For those anglers who are also participating in the Spring Fling online tournament, you will not have to show both identifiers in the pictures submitted for Spring Fling.  You can use only the Hoover identifier for that one day during the Hoover event.  This is only allowed for that single day of the Hoover event.  Every other day you must use the Spring Fling identifier. 


Tournament Day

6:45AM - Captain's Meeting located at the Columbus Cabela's overflow parking lot located at:


1650 Gemini Pl,

Columbus, OH 43240


The captain's meeting will only take 10-15 minutes and will start promptly at 6:45AM.  We will only highlight a few of the rules, so be sure you read and know every rule HERE.  Don't force us to DQ a fish because you didn't know the rules!

After the captain's meeting anglers can launch at any PUBLIC location around the lake. 


7:30AM  No lines hit the water until 7:30AM.  Tourney X will reject any fish caught prior to 7:30AM.  When you catch a fish DO NOT WAIT TO UPLOAD THE FISH until later in the day.  


2:00PM - Tourney X standings will disappear, but you can still submit fish.


2:30PM - If you are unable to upload photos into the Tourney X app you must be back at the measure-in location no later than 2:30PM. It is possible you will wait for BKFT staff to show up to help you with the uploads. To avoid this situation upload fish as soon as you catch them and do not wait until the last minute or hour of the tournament.


3:00PM - Fishing ends and no submissions will be accepted. 


4:00PM - All anglers should be at the measure-in.  It will be held at the same location as the Captain's Meeting - Cabela's.


Eligible Fishing Waters

Hoover Reservoir- Any water located on the main lake or can be accessed while in the kayak from the main lake, but must appear on this MAP


Rules & Format

The Rules and format for this event can be found HERE

There are no additional event specific rules for this trail stop.

Event History

This is the Trail's first visit to Hoover Reservoir.  This reservoir sets up to be a popular stop for a variety of reasons including the 10hp motor limit that keeps fishing pressure  down as well as the ability to produce very large bass every year. Combine that with a large number of our angler base located in Columbus and you have a lake that fits the bill.  Ohio's Division of Natural Resources website even lists "produces good bass tournament results."  

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