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Multi-Species Series

2022    Multi-Species Series Schedule

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Tour Series Points/Standings

Anglers can earn points based on place of finish.

For both the Tour Series & Online Series points are awarded by the following:

1st Place - 25 points

2nd Place - 24 points

3rd Place - 23 points

all the way down to....

23rd Place - 3 points

24th Place - 2 points

25th Place - 1 point

After every Tour Series event the standings will be updated within a few days.


Angler of the Year

The Angler of the Year is calculated by an anglers best 4 scores.

If a tie occurs, it goes to the anglers highest point total in a single event.  If a tie still exists it goes to the anglers 2nd highest score, etc, etc.

The Buckeye  Kayak Fishing Trail is presented by:

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