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Three Lake Throwdown

Deer Creek Reservoir (not Deer Creek Lake)

Berlin Lake

Lake Milton

May 25th

Tourney Wrap-up


The 2nd stop of the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail hit Berlin Lake, Lake Milton, and Deer Creek Reservoir in the Northeast portion of Ohio.
Mother Nature decided to test all anglers with a massive cold front hitting the area. The week leading up to the cold front held low temperatures in the 50's and 60's. According to weather reports the temperature dropped to a low of 32 degrees the night before the tournament...only 3 degrees away from setting an all time record.
The day of the tournament the temperatures hit highs of 58 degrees and 15 mph wind with gusts up to 24mph.  All in all, a yak fisherman's nightmare!

Due to the conditions we waived the 12" minimum and allowed CPR (catch, photo, release) of any size bass.
Fighting those conditions we only had 6 people catch bass and only 2 of those anglers with their limit of 2 fish.

After a tough day of fishing the leaderboard results were:

Noah Heck - 30.5"
Logan Estep - 27.50"
Donald Corbett - 21.75"
Dick Nauta - 14.5"
Wayne Tu - 12.25"
Tim Sylvester II - 8"

The big fish was won by Noah who beat Logan by less than a quarter inch with a 15.5" bass.
Thank you for all who participated in this trail stop and also to our great sponsors that allowed everyone who participated walk home with a prize!

Sponsored By:









7:00 AM at Mill Creek Campground  Boat Ramp


5:00 PM at Mill Creek Campground  Boat Ramp

          (1 inch deducted every 1 minute late)​























Eligible Fishing Waters

Deer Creek Reservoir - Lake Map & Information

Berlin Lake - Lake Map & Information
Lake Milton - Lake Map & Information


$20.00 entry fee with optional $5.00 big fish entry

You can pay at the Check-in location the day of the event or

You can pre-register by clicking HERE

Additional Rules

*Bass only event (Black, Smallmouth, Largemouth; no
  striped, hybrid, or white)

*Artificial bait only

*CPR event (Catch, Photo, Release) : Submit photos of your 3
  largest bass at the"Measure-in".  

*Anglers who use personal phones as cameras must bring the
  appropriate cord to plug in to a USB port. SD cards must be
  cleared before the start of the tournament to save time at

*Photo must CLEARLY show ALL of the following
  (no exceptions):
         *Length of fish
         *Kayak in photo
         *Tag given at check-in

Points Awarded

1st place                                          100
2nd place                                          90
3rd place                                           80
4th place                                           70
5th place                                           60
6th place                                           50
7th place                                           40
8th place                                           30
9th place                                           20
10th-final place                                10

Additional Points
Register & Attend Measure-in        10

​​Tourney Trail Bonus Points
If you catch a Musky, Pike, or Walleye over 16"​ during this tournament

you will be awarded 40 bonus Trail Points and an additional 10 bonus Trail points if you turn in a photo of the angler in kayak holding fish. These points are added to your total Tourney Trail points and DO NOT factor into this events final standings.  (Only one bonus fish counts) 


*Anglers must adhere to ALL Ohio Fishing and Boating Regulations

*All photos submitted are property of the BKFT and may be used on

  future media.


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