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Ohio BASS Nation



The format is a three tournament series.  

The three events in 2022 that make up the series are:
1. Delaware Lake - May 14th
2. Mosquito Creek Lake - August 6th
3. East/West Harbor - September 24th.
To learn more about these events click on 'Tour' at the top of the page and then the event (event pages will be added as we get closer to the event date).

An anglers two best scores are added together to create your total score.
Anglers can compete in all three events and drop their lowest score.

The top 10% of anglers who follow the Participation Requirements listed in the next section will be awarded an invitation to the BASSMASTER KAYAK SERIES NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.   They will release more information about that event throughout the year


Participation Requirements

1. Purchase a B.A.S.S. Membership (at time of typing this it includes BASSMASTER magazine subscription and $50 gift for $15 annual membership).  A membership is required prior to fishing your first event hosted by BKFT.

2. Email the following:
      *Your Name
      *BASS Membership Number
      *BASS Membership Expiration Date
    You can find your membership information


Final   Standings

The Buckeye  Kayak Fishing Trail is presented by:

BASS Standings.png
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