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2021 Online Series Schedule

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Online Series Points/Standings

Anglers can earn points based on place of finish.

For both the Tour Series & Online Series points are awarded by the following:

1st Place - 25 points

2nd Place - 24 points

3rd Place - 23 points

all the way down to....

23rd Place - 3 points

24th Place - 2 points

25th Place - 1 point

After every event the standings will be updated.

Remember your point total throughout the year will include:

Your best 5 Online Series events and 1 Tour Series event.


An angler can always attend more events and upgrade a score. If you attend more your lowest score(s) will be thrown out.


Online Warrior

To QUALIFY through the Online Series for Online Warrior & THE CLASSIC  at the end of the year an angler must do the following:

Participate in (at minimum) 5 of the 10 Online Series events AND 1 Tour Series event.


If you qualify you still have to EARN a spot in THE CLASSIC by landing in the Top 5 of the Online Series Standings.

THE CLASSIC will award points similar to other events: 1st Place = 25 pts, 2nd Place: 24 pts, 3rd Place: 23 pts, etc.

Total points in the final Online Series standings (after Buddy Bass Smallmouth Edition) will be added to points earned in THE CLASSIC. 

The person with the most points will be crowned the ONLINE WARRIOR.

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