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Looking to compete on the big stage?   The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail is an officially recognized qualifier for the following tournaments around the country:


KBF National Championship: The Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship is the top freshwater kayak fishing tournament of its kind. It will have the largest payout, most added money and top competition from around the 2016 Kayak Bass Fishing Nation. For more information visit: KBF National Championship.

The top 10 anglers in the BKFT final standings will receive an invite!

Tournament of Champions: Qualify for the Final BKFT standings and the top 5 anglers will be awarded an invite only entry into the event held in 2015 on Nov 7th & 8th on Lake Fork, TX.  This tournament features the top 5 finishers from kayak fishing clubs/trails around the world.  For more information visit: Tournament of Champions and follow them on Facebook.  If any anglers in the top 5 are unable to make the event it will default to the next angler in the standings until the spots are filled!  This is only an invite and does not cover your entry fee's.

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