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First and foremost, all anglers agreeing to participate in the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail acknowledge that BKFT is in no way liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur during angling or kayaking in the events. You are entering and fishing at your own risk.  Participants must follow all state, city, regional laws/rules and regulations for both Fishing and Boating.

The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail is a Partner Club of Kayak Bass Fishing and our Tour Series follows the KBF Rules Standards.  The set of rules is long, but not without reason.  It is required reading for everyone that participates in an event.  Registering for an event signifies you have read and understand all the rules.

*BKFT reserves the right to add or exclude rules for specific events. Any rule exceptions will be listed on each event web page.  Also note that the Multi-species series often has several rule exceptions or changes because events target a variety of species.

In the event of a dispute, protest, etc send an email with as many details as possible along with your contact information to:  Every issue will receive the full attention of the BKFT Leadership Committee.  If necessary a vote by the Committee will take place to determine an outcome.  If someone on the committee is involved with the dispute they will not have a vote.

Additionally, there are several reasons BKFT is a partner club with Kayak Bass Fishing and this partnership has been evaluated by the Leadership Committee every winter since 2016.  So far, every year it was decided that the partnership is in the best interest of both the Leadership Committee and more importantly our anglers.


Online & Multi-Species Series
Eligible Water

Per KBF Rules  Section # '5. Competition Area':

A. Competitive fishing is allowed only on publicly accessible waters within the geographic area  designated on the Event Page as “Eligible Water .” Photos of fish caught outside of eligible water boundaries will be denied.

  1. Photos that competitors submit for scoring in every KBF Challenge or tournament must be of fish caught from Eligible Water. To be “Eligible,” the body of water must be inside the competition area boundary, during public-access hours, be accessible to the public, and be where fishing is permitted by regulations.

  2. Resident only or community ponds are not eligible for KBF competition.

  3.  Any body of water that requires special permission is not eligible for KBF competition unless specifically permitted per KBF Rules (i.e. Military Establishments)

  4. Community (neighborhood) lakes that provide public access are off-limits to KBF competition regardless of whether or not they allow public access.

  5. If a lake has posted use times, it is eligible only during the hours permitted by the regulatory body. For example,  if a park permits launching from daylight and closes at sunset,  and that is the location used to access the lake, then the lake is off-limits outside of the permitted launch times.

  6. Use of private access to fish in any public waters is not permitted.

  7. A competitor must access the water from or across publicly accessible areas or rights-of-way. Additionally, anglers MAY NOT cast into or otherwise obtain access to off-limits areas from eligible water. (Example: Posted spawning areas or other refuges)

  8. Clarification of eligible waters is the sole responsibility of the competitor prior to engaging in competition.

B. Competitors may launch from any public-access shore directly onto Eligible Water. Crossing  restricted property to reach Eligible Water is not permitted. Tributaries, canals, sloughs or  estuaries separated from the rest of eligible water by temporary obstructions (e.g., fallen trees,  log jams, beaver dams) that, if removed, could be entered by floating/paddling are considered  eligible waters in which competition is permitted, and competitors are permitted to drag or  portage watercraft over or around such obstructions. Those separated by obstructions of a  permanent nature across or through which one cannot paddle/float (e.g., levees, earthen or  concrete dams, berms, elevated roadbeds, spillways, waterfalls) are ineligible water, and  competition in such areas is prohibited. Violation will result in disqualification from the event.


C. Competitors are not restricted to fishing where they start each day but are permitted to  relocate to other eligible waters during tournament hours.


D. Watercraft must not be anchored in such a position as to prevent or block access for other  watercraft or powerboats. Violation will result in disqualification from the event.


E. Fish caught in eligible water while wading or walking on the shore are eligible for submission  under the following conditions:


  1. Competitors’ watercraft must be launched before fishing from it or vacating it to catch and land fish while wading or walking on the shore or an ice field. “Launched” means placing the watercraft on liquid water, occupying it, and going underway. NOTE: at no time may competitors photograph fish on their vessel while it is on their vehicle or trailer.

  2. Competitor must pedal, paddle, or power his watercraft to the fishing location.

  3. Competitor must remain within sight of his watercraft at all times during the competition, and the watercraft must be visible in every fish photo submitted. Any Competitor who goes out of sight of his watercraft for any reason (e.g., restroom break, seeking or rendering aid, or reporting an emergency) must cease competition fishing and resume it only after re-launching the watercraft.


Violation will result in disqualification from the event. 

The Buckeye  Kayak Fishing Trail is presented by:

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