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Columbus Rumble on the River

September 15, 2018

Presented by:

Cost & Registration

Entry for this event is $30.  $5 goes towards big fish, $5 to pay for Tourney X, and the remaining money is 100% paid out to the anglers!


Register & pay for this event HERE


You can retrieve your IDENTIFIER HERE 

The code will be released Friday, September 14th at 8PM on our FACEBOOK page


Tournament Day

This event is a shotgun start.; Anglers can go directly to the eligible water (shown below) first thing in the morning.  You are not able to begin fishing until 7AM.  


All fish must be uploaded to Tourney X by 3PM.

All anglers are due back to measure-in by 4PM.


The measure-in is located at:

Outdoor Source

3124 Kingsdale Center

Columbus, OH 43221



Alum Creek 

Other Camping Locations


Eligible Fishing Waters

*Over 185 miles of eligible waters to choose from!

See maps below :

Scioto River: Red

Olentangy River: Orange

Big Walnut Creek: Green

Little Walnut Creek: White

Alum Creek: Purple

Big Darby Creek: Blue

Little Darby Creek: Yellow


***Listed below are only eligible waters and are not meant to necessarily be a put-in or take-out location.  Be sure to refer to the maps and ask someone if you are unsure of a possible launch/take-out location.  Posting a question to the Buckeye Nation Kayak Anglers Facebook group will receive a pretty quick response. 

Scioto River



Access below dam just south of Marion and Delaware county line off Gast Road 

south of Prospect, roadside access river left


Bellepoint Road bridge (closed) in Bellepoint, 

roadside access river right 


The pool below O'Shaughnessy dam off of Glick Road Parking and river access on west side.


State Route 161 bridge in Dublin near intersection of Spring Hill 

and N. Riverview Street, access river right


Griggs Reservoir Watershed Maintenance Facility on U.S. 33, access river left just below Griggs Dam


Elmon Richards Fishing Access at S.R. 22/56 bridge in Circleville, roadside access river right

UPDATE: Griggs and O'Shaughnessy reservoirs are Eligible waters! 


Olentangy River



Hyatts Road north of Powell off S.R. 315, roadside access river right


Scioto River Confluence


Big Darby Creek



S.R. 38 bridge in Bridgeport southeast of Milford Center, roadside access river right


Scioto River Confluence


Little Darby Creek



S.R. 42 


Big Darby Creek


Alum Creek



Alum Creek State Park lake dam tailwater area off Lewis Center Road and Big Walnut Road north of Columbus, access river leftAlum Creek State Park lake dam tailwater area off Lewis Center Road 

and Big Walnut Road north of Columbus, access river left


Big Walnut Creek Confluence


Big Walnut Creek



Hoover Dam tailwater access off Central College Road in Westerville, access river left


Scioto Confluence


Little Walnut Creek



Richardson Road


Scioto River Confluence


Rules & Format

The Rules and format for this event can be found HERE

Additional Rules for this event include:

*No captain's meeting, so read and re-read the rules in the link above.  If you don't follow the rules it is your fault and we cannot bend them.  Don't blame us for DQ'ing your fish!

*Upload fish by 3PM and be at the measure-in by 4PM.  If you have issues uploading photos to Tourney X by 3PM tell a BKFT staff member as soon as you arrive to the measure-in.  If the photo was taken after 3PM it will not be counted.


Outdoor Source will be donating $300 worth of prizes to raffle off at the measure-in!  Prizes will be raffled off to all anglers who didn't win 1st place, 2nd place, or win big fish.  It is the goal of the Trail to give all participants who attend a shot at prizes and not just those who take the top spots, so be sure to attend the measure-in even if you had a tough day locating fish!

River & Creek Descriptions

The Scioto River will be the largest river at RotR and flows right through the competition area for north to south. This river is also going to have some of the easisest put ins/ take outs or any of the rivers selected due to the public parks dotted along the river banks. Please note that Griggs and O’ Shaughnessy Reservoirs are off limits as this is a river only event.

The Olentangy River is going to one purely controlled by the Corps of Engineers, so the waters can be stable, yet unpredictable at the same time. This river has numerous small low heads dotted along it that require portaging. Again with this being in the center of Columbus the access points are relatively easy in comparison to the other stretches.

Big Walnut Creek is located to the south east, starting below Hoover Dam and ended at its confluence with the Scioto River. This creek is known for its thick grass beds the further south you go, and along with its high muddy banks. This creeks access points go from easy to downright horrid. The high muddy banks play a huge roll in this, and should be thought of accordingly when estimating float times.

Little is known about the Little Walnut Creek, but fell within the boundaries of the tournament, and people last year asked about it.

Alum Creek is a very small urban creek. Starting at the tail waters of Alum Creek Reservoir, and ending at Three Creek Metro Park, where it joins Big Walnut, and Blacklick Creeks this creek has numerous small mouth, but size may be hard to find. This creek has a rather nice rocky bottom, but keep in mind you will be fishing urban structure, more than natural structure, and depending on the rains, you could also be doing a lot of dragging through riffles.

Big Darby Creek is the gem of central Ohio, with it being both a National and State Scenic River. With that said this river also has a very big livery on it , which floats people through most of the Battelle Metro Park, just something to think about on a hot July weekend. This river winds down the western portion of the tournament area, with access points ranging from really easy to very hard. This river also has a wide mix of very slow stretches, and moving water. Do not bite off more than you can handle tournament day and miss the check in.

Little Darby Creek is another small creek which could require a lot of dragging if the water isn’t higher than 120 CFS. This little creek is most likely the most technical stretch of water, with numerous log jams, tight water ways, and strainers around every corner. With this being such a small creek, size may be hard to find to win the trail. 


This has most of the rivers with a detailed map of access points:

Google Earth, and Google Maps are amazing tools when trying to plan a stretch. Google Earth allows you to draw paths along rivers to get an idea of distance. It’s a good rule of thumb that you will travel on average 1 mph on a river so keep that in mind while planning your trip. 

*Keep in mind that just because it says access points, it does not mean the take out will be easy and may require steep banks or highly wooded areas.


Due to higher than normal river levels, we are opening up Griggs and O'Shaughnessy reservoirs for this event! We highly encourage less experienced and solo paddlers to fish these reservoirs! 

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