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Spring Fling Online Bass Tournament

April 1st - 30th, 2018

View Final Results on Tourney X


Register and Pay here: Tourney X Spring Fling


Entry fee is $30.

$20 of the entry fee will go directly back to the anglers as prize money, $5 of the entry fee will pay for Tourney X, and the remaining $5 will pay for trophy's and prizes throughout the year.  Sign up deadline is at the end of the day on April 1st.


Start-End Time

This is an online tournament with no check-in.  The tournament runs from Sunday, April 1st at 6AM until Monday, April 30th at 10PM.  All pictures should be submitted no later than 10PM on Monday, April 30th.  Any fish caught prior to 6AM on April 1st or after 10PM April 30th will not be accepted.



The identifier is located HERE.  The code for the identifier will be released on FB & Twitter between 8PM-10PM on April 31st.  If you have any questions about the identifier, code, etc please message our FB page or email   An identifier with no code written in will not be accepted.


For those anglers who will also participate in the Hoover tournament in April, you will not have to show both identifiers in the pictures submitted for Spring Fling.  You can use only the Hoover identifier for that one day during the Hoover event.  This is only allowed for that single day of the Hoover event.  Every other day you must use the Spring Fling identifier.


Submitting Fish

Anglers are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to submit fish on Tourney X as soon as possible. 



Rules that govern online events can be found HERE


Event Specific Rules

*This is a 5 Bass tournament with Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Spotted Bass (Black Bass) as qualifying fish.

*Anyone can participate in the Spring Fling, but in order to receive winnings, you must attend at least one in-person event. 

Event History

A popular event in 2017 it is back again for 2018! This month long tourney could possibly see a wide variety of conditions across the state.  Fish could be in pre, post, or spawn mode in April.  On top of that the northern part of the state could see a completely different phase than southern Ohio.  Last year there were 62 anglers and about half the top anglers fished in the northern part of the state and half in the southern part of Ohio.  A whopping 5 fish total of 104" took home 1st place while 10th place hit 87".  What will 2018 hold?

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