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Stick a Salt Fork In It

June 9, 2018

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View Final Results on Tourney X

Camping/Meet & Greet

The Measure in will be at the Morning Glory Ramp













The measure-in is also a good oppurtunity to meet & greet fellow kayak anglers of all skill levels and talk about our mutual love of kayak fishing.  

Be sure to join the Buckeye Nation Kayak Anglers group on Facebook to see what anglers are planning for each event. 


Cost & Registration

$30 entry Fee.

$5 of the entry fee pays for Tourney X, $5 goes into the Big Fish pot (angler with longest bass during this tournament will win the pot), and the remaining $20 will be paid out to the top placing anglers.


To sign up and pay for this event go here:

Tourney X

There are no annual fee's...just sign up on Tourney X and then follow the schedule for the day of the tournament below...


Tournament Day & Identifier

There is no captain's meeting in the morning.  Identifiers can be printed off HERE. The code for the identifier will be released between 8PM-10PM the night before the tournament starts on both Facebook and Twitter.  An identifier with no code written in will not be accepted.


6:30AM - Anglers can be out on the water earlier, but lines cannot  hit the water until 6:30AM.  No fish caught before 6:30AM will be accepted.   When you catch a fish DO NOT WAIT TO UPLOAD THE FISH until later in the day.  


2:00PM - Tourney X standings will disappear, but you can still submit fish.


2:30PM - If you are unable to upload photos into the Tourney X app you must be back at the measure-in location no later than 2:30PM. It is possible you will wait for BKFT staff to show up to help you with the uploads. To avoid this situation upload fish as soon as you catch them and do not wait until the last minute or hour of the tournament.


3:00PM - Fishing ends and no submissions will be accepted. 


4:00PM - All anglers should be at the measure-in located at: 
Morning Glory Ramp


Eligible Fishing Waters

Salt Fork Lake - Lake Map & Information

The entire lake is eligible if it appears on the map on the link above.  Any water not on the map is not eligible.  Also any water on the map must be accessible by paddling/pedaling  from the main lake.

Remember, you can only use public access to put in and take out. Do not launch/take-out from Private Property.



Rules & Format

The Rules and format for this event can be found HERE

There are no additional event specific rules for this trail stop.


Stay Tuned!

Event History

This is the trail's first stop at Salt Fork Lake.

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