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Summer Slam

Online Event

​July 26-July28th

Summer Slam 2013

Summary & Results

The BKFT held its first ever online tournament of the year the weekend of July 26-28th.  It was a bass only tournament that counted the top 3 bass for each angler.  There were also bonus trail points for any angler that caught an 'Ohio Slam' (16"+ bass, 18"+ catfish, and 12"+ crappie).....more on that later.

As with any BKFT trail event weather just HAD to play a major role.  The tournament weekend had a major rain system move across most of Ohio early Saturday morning and into the early afternoon.  The rain was then followed by cooler temperatures Saturday afternoon into Sunday.   Even the abnormally low temperatures were not enough to keep the anglers from hooking up with some very impressive catches.  Ten anglers were able to exceed a 50" total for 3 bass and 5 bass exceeded 20" in length.  

Some anglers tried for the 'Ohio Slam' and were able to catch a qualifying catfish and bass, but could not find the elusive 12" crappie needed.  

In all, there was $440 to be awarded and it seemed fitting that everyone in the top 10 receive money since they were the only ones that posted 50"+.

Here are the final results for Summer Slam 2013:


1. Sean Stone, Peebles, OH - 21.5, 19.75, 19 = 60.25* - $100 won

2. Rylan Hayes, Peebles, OH - 16, 18.5, 22 = 56.5* - $75 won

3. Travis Belcher, Heath, OH - 13.75, 20.25, 20.75 = 54.75* - $65 won

4/5. Mike Murphy, Dayton, OH - 16, 17, 20 = 53* - $55 won

4/5. Brian Britton, Delaware, OH - 17.5, 17.25, 18.25 = 53** - $45 won

6. Jim Martin, Wapakoneta, OH - 17.50, 17.25, 17 = 51.75* - $20 won

7/8. Neal Tomich, Columbus, OH - 18, 17, 16.5 = 51.5**  - $20 won

7/8. Jeff Bennett, Delaware, OH - 16.75, 15.5, 19.25 = 51.5* - $20 won

9. Larry Haines, Columbus, OH - 17.5, 16.75, 17 = 51.25* - $20 won

10.Dick Nauta, Columbus, OH - 17.25, 17.25, 16.5 = 51* - $20 won

11.Chase Bateson, Zanesville, OH - 20, 13, 13.5 = 46.5*

12.Amanda Jones, Peebles, OH - 17, 14.5, 13.75 = 45.25*

13.Neil Farley, Dayton, OH - 14.25, 14.50,14.25 = 43*

14.Jeff Schrader, Dayton, OH - 15.75, 13, 14 = 42.75*

15.Logan Estep, Nova, OH - 12, 16, 13.25 = 41.25*

16.Mike Lyon, Zanesville, OH - 16.25, 12.25, 12.25 = 40.75**

17.Brian Lammers, Cincinnati, OH - 17.75, 14.5 = 32.25*

18.Jordan Mansfield, Elkhart, IN - 12.25, 12.50 = 24.75*

19.Kurt Nordquest, Ashtabula, OH - 17.25 = 17.25*

20.Luke Buxton, Columbus, OH - 13.75 = 13.75*

21.Mike Parks, Columbus, OH - 0"

22.Brad Lehman, Dayton, OH - 0"


Amanda Jones & Neal Tomich won the raffle.  They will each receive two 8" Geartrac's from YakAttack!


Sean Stone, Rylan Hayes, and Travis Belcher will all receive a lure package from Mystery Tackle Box!


*Already attended one event and have qualified 

 for the cash & prizes for Summer Slam 2013.

**Still need to attend one in-person event to qualify for 

  Summer Slam 2013 cash & prizes.






Be sure to also check out the pictures of EVERY fish that was submitted, additional angler photos from their time on the water, and the angler notes that show how they had success on the water during Summer Slam 2013 by clicking HERE!

​Sponsored by:


​***To be eligible for payouts or prizes in this online event you MUST attend at least one in person event during the 2013 Trail.***

Event Type
Online Weekend Event with photo submissions

Start Date/Time
6:00 AM Friday, July 26th 

End Date/Time
10:00 PM Sunday, July 28th; photos need to be submitted no later than 10:00am Monday July 29th!

Eligible Fishing Waters
Any Ohio lake or river

Cost ​
*$20.00 entry fee 

You can register in person at WhiteWater Warehouse (check their website for hours) or online at:
*****Click Here to Register!*****
Registration must be completed by 6:00 AM, Friday, July 26th!

Additional Rules
*Bass only event (Black, Smallmouth, Largemouth; no
  striped, hybrid, or white)

*Email photos of your 3 largest bass (and any bonus fish..see below) to

 *If your email bounces back please send an indiviual email for each

    picture including the information below.

*Email must include:
   -First & Last Name
   -Mailing Address​

    -Body of water caught on

   -Lure/bait used to catch fish

  *Anyone placingin the top 10 may be contacted for additional



*Photo must CLEARLY show ALL of the following (no exceptions):
         *Length of fish (ALL FISH MEASURED CAN HAVE AN OPEN

           MOUTH AND PINCHED TAIL, just be sure to have the

           fish's mouth up

           against the edge/zero mark of your board!)
         *Kayak in photo
         *Event Tag (Link at the top of the page)

Points Awarded
1st place                                          100
2nd place                                          90
3rd place                                           80
4th place                                           70
5th place                                           60
6th place                                           50
7th place                                           40
8th place                                           30
9th place                                           20
10th-final place                                10

Additional Points
Submit at least one eligible bass    10

Tourney Trail Bonus Points
  If you catch an Ohio Slam during this tournament you will be
  awarded 30 Bonus Trail Points.

  An Ohio Slam consists of catching:
       1. Bass (LM, SM, or Black  at least 15")
       2. Crappie (at least 12")
       3. Catfish (any species, at least 18")

  Submit these photos with any tournament bass submissions.
  If you catch an Ohio Slam an additional 10 Bonus Trail Points will be
  awarded if you submit one of the fish from your Slam in a picture with
  the angler holding the fish in a kayak.  These points are added to your
  total Tourney Trail points and DO NOT factor into this events final

*Anglers must adhere to ALL Ohio Fishing and Boating Regulations

*All photos submitted are property of the BKFT and may be used on future media.


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