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How to Qualify
At minimum an angler must...
1. Attend 5 of the 10 Tour Series events
2. Attend 4 of the 10 Tour Series events along with 1 Online Series event
3 Ways to Earn an Invite
1. Golden Ticket - Win a Tour Series event
2. Finish Top 20 in the Tour Series
3. Finish Top 5 in the Online Series
The BKFT Angler of the Year will be the angler with the largest 5 event point total PLUS THE POINTS EARNED IN THE CLASSIC.
*The 5 events from the season can only contain at maximum 1 Online Series Event.
*Classic points are distributed the same as other events (1st=25pts, 2nd=24pts, 3rd=23pts, etc).
(All of the above has been posted on the Tour Series page all year)
*Date: Sunday, October 18, 2020
*Hours: 8AM - 3PM
*Limit: 5 Black Bass
*Cost: $35 ($5 to Tourney X, $30 to 1st Place)
*Payout: WINNER TAKE ALL!  ($30 times # of anglers)
*Location: This year we are going with an MLF twist!  The lake will be chosen the NIGHT BEFORE from the following locations:
Kiser Lake - Only water on this map is eligible: LAKE MAP
Indian Lake - Only water on this map is eligible: LAKE MAP
Lake Loramie - Only water on this map is eligible: LAKE MAP
CJ Brown - Only water on this map is eligible: LAKE MAP
How it Works
*On Saturday, October 17th a BKFT committee member (who doesn't make the CLASSIC) will randomly select the lake choice and we will announce the choice to the participants along with the identifier code.   
*Tourney X will be setup with the ability to register, but only with a password we will supply to those who met the eligibility requirements and qualified.
*We highly encourage anglers to camp at Kiser Lake for the weekend:
1. Witness the random lake drawing on Saturday at 4PM.
2. Kiser Lake State Campground is at most only 40 minutes away from all possible lake options.
3. Meet the 2021 BKFT Committee Members.
4. The committee is holding the 2021 Planning Meeting on Saturday, so Friday night/Saturday is your opportunity to let us know what you like, dislike, would like to see happen, and of course what new fishing waters you want to see in 2021!

The prizes listed are just the tip of the iceberg!  Each year our anglers are amazed at the amount of prizes awarded or raffled, so check back often!

The winner of THE CLASSIC will receive a HydroKaddy!


Raffled off to the participants of THE CLASSIC:

24 Torqueedo hats!


*Eight $250 gift certificates for 


*The Online Series leader at the end of the season will win a a prize package from: 


Two 12V 10Ah Dakota Lithium batteries!

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