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The Classic

October 23- 24th

How to Qualify

At minimum an angler must...
1. Attend (at minimum) 5 of the 11 Tour Series events
2. Attend 4 of the 11 Tour Series events along with 1 Online Series event
The BKFT Angler of the Year will be the angler with the largest 5 event point total PLUS THE POINTS EARNED IN THE CLASSIC.

How to Earn An Invite

3 Ways to Earn an Invite

1. Golden Ticket - Win a Tour Series event

2. Finish Top 20 in the Tour Series

3. Finish Top 5 in the Online Series

How to Win Angler of the Year

Points will be distributed for the Classic similar to Tour Series events. 1st Place: 25 pts, 2nd Place: 24 pts, etc.  

These points are added onto your year long points.  The angler with the most points wins Angler of the Year.

If there is a tie the biggest fish caught in The Classic breaks the tie. (and 2nd biggest fish, etc if needed to break any ties)

Classic Format

The Classic is a two day tournament in 2021 (Saturday, October 23th & 24th).

The hours each day are 8AM to 2PM.

5 bass limit each day where both days catches equal a total length.

Total length determines angler places after Day 2.

Cost $35: Winner take all (minus $5/angler Tourney X fee).

Location: To be determined from the following - Salt Fork, Piedmont, OR Clendening

The lake choice will be messaged to participating anglers on October, 22nd (the afternoon/night before the tournament).

A majority of anglers will be camping at Salt Fork.

How to Register

Anglers that earn an invite will be contacted by BKFT with the password to register for The Classic.

Registration is located on:


The Buckeye  Kayak Fishing Trail is presented by:

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