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2021 Tour Series Schedule

Tour Series Points/Standings

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Anglers can earn points based on place of finish.

For both the Tour Series & Online Series points are awarded by the following:

1st Place - 25 points

2nd Place - 24 points

3rd Place - 23 points

all the way down to....

23rd Place - 3 points

24th Place - 2 points

25th Place - 1 point

After every event the standings will be updated.

Remember your point total throughout the year will include either:

1. Your best 5 Tour Series events.

2. Your best 4 Tour Series events and 1 Online Series event.


An angler can always attend more than 5 events and upgrade a score. If you attend more than 5 events your lowest score(s) will be thrown out.


Angler of the Year

To QUALIFY for Angler of the Year & THE CLASSIC at the end of the year an angler must do at least one of the following:

1. Participate in (at minimum) 5 of the 11 Tour Series Events (listed to the left).

2. Participate in (at minimum) 4 of the 11 Tour Series Events along with (at minimum) 1 Online Series Event.


If you qualify you still have to EARN a spot in THE CLASSIC by achieving one of the following:

1. Win a Tour Series Event

2. Finish top 20 in the Tour Series Final Standings (posted after Paint Creek/Rocky Fork).

3. Finish top 5 in the Online Series Final Standings (posted after Buddy Bass Smallmouth Bass Edition).

THE CLASSIC will award points similar to other events: 1st Place = 25 pts, 2nd Place: 24 pts, 3rd Place: 23 pts, etc.

Total points in the final Tour Series standings (after Rocky Fork/Paint Creek) will be added to points earned in THE CLASSIC.  The angler with the most points will be AWARDED Angler of the Year

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