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March 1- November 1, 2020

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Register and pay for the 2020 - BKFT Multi-Species Series: YAK Ohio HERE

Event Standings 

The most recent updated standings can be found HERE.

Entry Fee, Payouts, & Prizes

$16 entry fee

Big Joshy will be supplying $500 worth of prizes for YAK Ohio's!!!!!

Keel Armor will also be supplying a prize package into the prize pool!

The registration fee breakdown, additional prizes and payout schedule can be found HERE.

Trail Points

When the tournament ends on 11:59 PM November 1, 2020 you will earn points for every fish that places in the top 5 longest in each species category.


Those points are distributed as follows:

If a fish is the longest in the species category it will earn 5 points.

If a fish is the 2nd longest in a species category it will earn 4 points.

If a fish is the 3rd longest in a species category it will earn 3 points.

If a fish is the 4th longest in a species category it will earn 2 points.

If a fish is the 5th longest in a species category it will earn 1 points.

For example, if you have the longest Crappie at the end of the tournament you would be awarded 5 points.  If you also caught the 3rd longest Musky you would also be awarded 3 points.   If those are your only two fish that placed in the  top 5 in all 18 species categories you will end the tournament with a total of 8 points.


Those 8 points would then be tallied for the year long Multi-Species Series.

Tournament Start/End & Identifier

Identifiers can be printed off HERE and are the ONLY identifiers accepted.  Write in the codes EXACTLY how they appear in the picture below. 





An identifier with no code, the wrong code, or codes in the wrong boxes will not be accepted.  If participating in multiple BKFT tournaments you can combine codes on a single identifier, but they must be correct and they must be in the correct boxes.

6:00 AM on Sunday March 1, 2020 - First cast; Anglers may begin fishing.  Any fish caught prior to this time will be DQ'd.

*During this tournament submit all fish as bass.  The judges will categorize them into the correct species category.

*Since Tourney X is hard to read across 18 species BKFT will maintain a spreadsheet which will be posted on this page listing the current Top 5 in each category.

*Even if your fish is not in the Top 5 submit your fish if it is close.  If an angler doesn't meet the required attendance of one in person event their fish will be DQ'd after the last event of the season.


11:59 PM on Sunday, November 1, 2020 - Tournament ends.  No fish will be accepted after 11:59PM.

Eligible Fishing Waters



*At its most basic definition, eligible water is anything in Ohio that is accessible to everyone.  Accessible means it is legal, open to everyone, and does not require special permission.

Eligible water includes anything owned by the government (park system, city, township, county, state, federal, ODNR) where fishing from a kayak is permitted.  This also includes Ohio waterways designated as rivers or creeks.


*Privately owned water is eligible under certain circumstances.  It must be accessible by anyone without special permissions, deals, agreements, or backdoor handshakes from the owner.  Anyone should have access to fish the body of water. 


*Public and Private water that require permits are eligible if....

          >The permit can be obtained by all.

          >The permit can be obtained during the 2020 calendar year. 

          >Information is provided either online or by phone on how to              obtain a permit.

          >Examples of bodies of water that fall into this category                        include AEP, Lake Katherine, etc.

*All laws, rules, and regulations must be followed while fishing the body of water.  For example, if a body of water allows fishing only during daylight hours then any fish caught outside of that period would not be eligible and cause for immediate disqualification. 


*AEP is privately owned.  Everyone can obtain a permit by going to their website and printing one off.  AEP is eligible.

*Private lakes where you must be a property owner or a friend of a property owner, etc is not eligible because if you don't 'know somebody' you are not able to access them.  Examples of lakes that fall into this category include Lake Wynoka, Shawnee Lake, Lake Lakengren, Lake Lorelei, etc.

Remember, you can only use public access to put in and take out. Do not launch/take-out from Private Property as it will lead to disqualification.


2020 Eligible Species

Anglers can only have their largest fish in each of these categories:

1. Bowfin                                                     10. Perch

2. Carp/Buffalo                                           11. Pike

3. Channel Catfish                                      12. Rockbass

4. Crappie                                                    13. Smallmouth Bass

5. Freshwater Drum                                   14. Steelhead

6. Flathead Catfish/Blue Catfish               15. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass

7. Gar                                                            16. Sunfish

8. Largemouth/Spotted Bass                    17. Trout

9. Musky                                                       18. Walleye

If you catch a bigger fish in a category your smaller fish will be removed.

Rules & Format

The rules for this event follow KBF Rules.  However, since that rule book is based primarily for Bass fishing there are specific changes.

You can find the KBF rules and the specific changes HERE

Measuring YAK Ohio Fish

Certain species of fish within the 18 eligible for this event can be tricky to measure.  To help anglers with not getting deductions or DQ'd fish you can find additional tips on what is required and acceptable HERE.


When you submit your fish on Tourney X....

Submit all fish as Bass.  The judges will lump the fish into 1 of the 18 species categories for you.  Remember, all anglers can only have 1 fish in the top 5 in each species category.  Your smaller fish will be removed.


Camping/Meet & Greet

Even though this tournament lasts several months anglers tend to make special trips for a particular species through the year or during in-person tournaments carve out a day or two to chase other species for this tournament.  

Be sure to join the Buckeye Nation Kayak Anglers group on Facebook and don't be afraid to ask what other anglers are planning!


Event History

You can see the impressive event history for YAK Ohio's HERE.

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