YAK Ohio Rules & Format

Please read the entire page so that your YAK Ohio submission won't be disqualified!  

YAK Ohio is an 8 month long multi-species tournament.   Think of it as the Fish Ohio program but for Ohio kayak anglers.  What does it cost to enter?????  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  Wait, what????  Yes, you read that correctly.  It costs ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!   So what is the catch, because there is always a catch?!?!?!  Well, if you consider hanging out with other kayak anglers 3 times within a 7 month period then I guess there is a catch, otherwise it's GAME ON!

Stay tuned for more YAK Ohio sponsors!  We will be making the YAK Ohio's worth competing for this year, so show us some amazing Ohio monsters!

$600+ of prizes not enough to encourage you to participate?  Then how about a fast pass to the exclusive kayak fishing tournament featuring Ohio's best anglers in 2018....The Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail "CLASSIC"!!!!!   This tournament will feature every tournament winner of 2018 and anyone else that makes the top 10 in trail points.  A tournament that not only will have some cool prizes, but something more: instant recognition from your peers!  Just to amp up the competition with the YAK Ohio's the BKFT will be awarding not one but TWO fast passes to the Fall BKFT CLASSIC!!!!!

The Rules (and other fine print!)

*All submissions must be caught between February 1, 2018 and 11:59PM on October 5, 2018.  The YAK Ohio's will  also be open on October 6, 2018 during the Dayton Kayak Fishing Experience in the case someone catches a top 3 fish during the tournament.


*Must participate in at least 3 Trail events to qualify for prizes (only 1 can be an online event).  All fish are disqualifed if you haven't attended at least 3 events after the Dayton event (The CLASSIC DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS AN EVENT FOR YAK OHIO's).


*Once an angler qualifies for YAK Ohio a               will be placed under their catch on the 2018 Live YAK Ohio page. If an angler doesn't qualify their catch is DQ'd and every catch behind it moves up a spot.


*Submissions must be emailed to bkftyakohio@gmail.com


*Email must include ALL of the following (no exceptions):

1. Original photo of fish

2. Fish Species

3. Length of fish

4. Body of water where you caught the fish

5. Lure/Bait used to catch the fish


*Pictures must be submitted within 7 days of the date it was caught.


*No pictures will be accepted by email after October 5, 2018 at 11:59PM (except participants during the Dayton Kayak Fishing Experience).



* Eligible water is defined as owned by the government (park system, city, township, county, state, federal, ODNR, etc).  This includes Ohio waterways, rivers, and creeks.


*Privately owned water is eligible under certain circumstances.  It must be accessible by anyone without special permissions/deals/agreements/backdoor handshakes from the owner.  Anyone should have access to fish the body of water.  If it's permit-only, then the permit needs to be accessible by all.  There should be information available on how to obtain the permit.


**AEP is privately owned.  Everyone can obtain a permit by going to their website and printing one off.  AEP is eligible.

**The Wilds is privately owned.  It takes special permissions to fish their water.  Not everyone can obtain this permission.  The Wilds is not eligible. 


*All laws, rules, and regulations for the body of water must be followed.  For instance if the water is closed to the public after 9PM any fish caught after that will be DQ'd.


*Any government owned water that requires a fee, permit, etc is eligible. For instance, if a lake requires an annual or daily park permit it is eligible. 


*If a lake has a drawing or early sign up period for a permit or limited permits it is eligible as long as all rules, regulations, and laws were met to obtain the permit.








*To be eligible for one of the top spots you must catch a fish that is LONGER than a fish caught before you.  NO TIES.

*An angler may only have one top 3 fish in each category.  You are allowed to cull your own fish.  For instance if you have a 19" Largemouth Bass in the top 3 you are allowed to submit a longer Largemouth Bass.  When the longer Bass is submitted the shorter one is DQ'd. 


*All Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail events require a Hawg Trough or Ketch board (no exceptions).  If you are unable to bring an approved board to an event you can make a post HERE and someone will more than likely have a spare for you to use.  All Hawg Trough's should have every line (inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch) marked very carefully and with a Fine Point Sharpie.  If a Hawg Trough is not marked at every line (inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch) it is likely the pictures could receive a deduction if the judges can't determine if the tail touches or crosses the line.  There's no DQ or automatic deduction if you don't mark the lines on the Hawg Trough.  It just helps the judges do their job and protects the angler to accurately display the size of the fish.  If you have a Ketch board that is dark in color it is up to the ANGLER to produce a clear photograph of the fish.  Occasionally the tail will blend into the dark board and be hard to judge. IT IS THE ANGLER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO PRODUCE A CLEAR PHOTO SHOWING LENGTH....if not the fish may include deductions and even up to disqualification.


*If the fish is larger than a Hawg Trough/Ketch board a tape measure can be used, but the exact length must be shown.


*Submitting multiple pictures is highly encouraged including angler holding the fish.  Photos where the angler is holding the fish are often circulated on our Social Media sites, website, as well as with sponsors.


*All fish must be caught on rod and reel ONLY.


*All fish MUST be hooked not snagged.


*Camera or phone MUST have the current date and time set on it.

2017 Eligible Species

1. Largemouth Bass

2. Smallmouth Bass

3. Catfish (all species)

4. Pike

5. Musky

6. Gar

7. Crappie

8. Walleye/Saugeye

9. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass

10. Carp/Buffalo/Drum

11. Trout

12. Steelhead

13. Sunfish/Bluegill/Rock Bass

14. Perch


On October 6, 2018 when the YAK Ohio's close after the Dayton Kayak Fishing Experience the top 3 longest fish in each category receive a raffle ticket for the angler who caught it.  Raffle tickets will be drawn LIVE immediately following the live measure in for the Dayton Kayak Fishing Experience. 


Even though an angler can only have one fish in the top 3 for each category they are still able to achieve multiple raffle tickets by getting top 3 fish in more than one species category.  For instance, if an angler has a top 3 Largemouth Bass, a top 3 Catfish, and a top 3 Crappie the angler has earned 3 raffle tickets.



How to measure your YAK Ohio

1. Put the Hawg Trough on your lap with the zero mark of the board on the left side.


2. Lay your catch on the Hawg Trough with the mouth facing to the left and the top of the fish facing away from you (see the picture directly above this text).


3. Mouth should be closed.  Certain species will be difficult to close the mouth so try your absolute best when possible.  If it is determined that an open mouth extends the length of a fish expect a deduction.


4. Make sure the lip of the fish is touching the zero mark (edge of bump board).  When taking your picture make sure nothing covers the view of the lip touching the edge of the Hawg Trough including your hand, arm, identifier, etc.  The lip touching the bump board and zero mark must be seen or there will be a deduction and possibly a DQ on the photo!


5. Hold the camera above the fish pointing downward and take the picture.


6. Check the picture for the following:

        *Lip is visibly touching the zero mark

        *Total length of the fish is easily seen

        *Kayak is in the picture

        *Water where caught is in the picture


*All fish will be rounded down to the nearest 1/4 inch.


*Be sure to take extra care when performing these steps and treat the catch with the utmost respect!



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