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These additions and/or rule exceptions are ONLY for the Multi-Species Series and NOT for the Tour Series or Online Series

You can find the Tour Series rules HERE.

You can find the Online Series rules HERE.

Multi-Species Series Rules

The Multi-Species Series follows the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Rules Standard.  You can see the full rule book HERE.
Remember a requirement with KBF is that a Life Vest must be worn at all times. 
The KBF Rules Standard was based on Bass Fishing the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail has added some additional rules or exceptions.  Please read these additions below....
Multi-Species Total point leader will be determined by an anglers best 3 events of the Multi-Species Trail.

1. For the YAK Ohio and Fall Bonanza every fish must be uploaded to Tourney X within 7 days of being caught.

2. The use of multiple rods are permitted, but Ohio fishing regulations must be followed.

3. The use of live bait is permitted for any event within the Multi-Species Series, and fish may be kept for harvest during these events.

4. All fish must be caught on rod and reel ONLY.

5. All fish MUST be fairly hooked and not snagged.

6. Every photo submission MUST have an identifier with the correct code, your kayak/canoe, and visible water you were fishing.

7. KBF measuring boards must be used.  Currently those boards include: Hawg Trough, Ketch Board, Fishstik Version 2

8.  If a fish is longer than one of the boards mentioned in #8 other measuring devices are allowed, but the exact length MUST be clearly visible.  It is highly recommended the angler place their Hawg Trough, Ketch, or Fishstick V2 in the photo for a reference even when using an alternative measuring device.  If your measuring device is homemade, it is likely you will need to verify the device is accurate.  If the device is not provided in a timely manner your catch(es) my be DQ'd.

9. Measuring devices and fish should both be laying as flat as possible.  If one or both are not laying flat it could lead to deductions or DQ.

10. Fish mouth should be closed.  For toothy critters or larger fish it may be necessary to measure with fish grips and an open mouth.  If the judges deem the open mouth adds to the length of the fish deductions will occur. 

11. It is up to the angler to provide a photo showing a clear length of the fish.  Just a few of many instances where a fish may have length deductions or even be DQ'd:

*Dark board color doesn't clearly show the length.

*Advantageous angles to make fish longer than it actually is.

*Terrible quality photos (foggy, bright sunlight, too dark, etc, etc)

12. If an angler manipulates the measuring device, fish, photograph, or by any other method to extend or falsify the length of the fish they will have pictures DQ'd and the possibility of an angler ban.

13. We encourage anglers to submit additional pictures to if it can help us identify the fish length.  This is no guarantee, but it may help both us and you in the judging process.

14. If you have a dispute during any event within the Multi-Species Series you MUST submit it to immediately.

Disputes will be reviewed by the BKFT Committee.   Disputes must take place as soon as you identify an issue and within 3 days after the tournament ends.

15. All anglers agreeing to participate in the Buckeye Kayak Fishing Trail acknowledge that we are in no way liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur during angling or kayaking in the events. You are entering and fishing at your own risk.  Participants must follow all state, city, regional rules and regulations for both Fishing and Boating.

16. Finally, this is a fun event and we expect all anglers to police themselves.  We DO NOT want to deduct length or DQ fish, but all fish must not only face our judges scrutiny but every other angler who has paid to participate.  Take steps to ensure you can submit the best photo possible and do not rely on us to decipher your submissions.

How to Measure your Multi-Species Series Fish

1. Put the approved measuring device on your lap or on deck of your kayak with the zero mark (Fence) of the board on the left side.


2. Lay your catch on the board with the mouth facing to the left and the top of the fish facing away from you (see the picture directly above this text).  If the fish is larger than the board, exceptions can be made about the head facing to the left.


3. Mouth should be closed.  Certain species will be difficult to close the mouth so try your absolute best when possible.  If it is determined that an open mouth extends the length of a fish expect a deduction.


4. Make sure the lip of the fish is touching the zero mark (edge of bump board).  When taking your picture make sure nothing covers the view of the lip touching the edge of the board including your hand, arm, identifier, etc.  The lip touching the bump board and zero mark must be seen or there will be a deduction and possibly a DQ on the photo!


5. Hold the camera above the fish pointing downward and take the picture. Pictures taken at "advantageous" angles may receive a deduction or face possible disqualification. 


6. Check the picture for the following:

        *Lip is visibly touching the zero mark

        *Total length of the fish is easily seen

        *Kayak is in the picture

        *Water where caught is in the picture


*All fish will be rounded down to the nearest 1/4 inch, or last visible marking.


*Be sure to take extra care when performing these steps and treat the catch with the utmost respect!



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